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Bitcoin traders are hopeful that the price of BTC will remain stable at $27K, despite the volatility of the US dollar.

Bitcoin stands apart from a fluctuating U.S. dollar as BTC price support targets set sights on $27,000.

Tether holds $3.3B in liquidity cushion: Transparency report

Tether's umbrella also encompasses other stablecoins, including XAUT, EURT, MXNT, and CNHT. While these stablecoins m...

Gold-backed BRICS currency delivery will be difficult, says Lyn Alden.

Investment strategist Lyn Alden has a positive outlook on the U.S. dollar, believing that it will maintain its positi...

Bitcoin surges in Argentina as Milei wins primary election

Bitcoin price achieves a new milestone in Argentina, as one bitcoin surges to a remarkable value of 10.2 million Arge...

Is Bitcoin’s low volatility and decline in short-term holders a bullish signal?

Understanding the potential impact of Bitcoin volatility on future price trends becomes even more crucial when consid...

Bitcoin price reaches $29.3K amid strong US job market.

Bitcoin price experiences minimal fluctuations as positive U.S. macro data boosts both stocks and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Surges After Monthly Close: 5 Key Updates

Bitcoin kicks off the week with a promising monthly candle close, as BTC price remains stable.

XRP price decline today

XRP price experiences a minor decline today, along with other leading cryptocurrency assets, in light of the market's...

Can Bitcoin rally like it did in 2017 when the correlation with the dollar reverses?

Do not consider the DXY and Bitcoin without taking into account other factors that are also influencing the situation.

Crypto market up today, why?

The cryptocurrency market value has increased today as traders evaluate its extremely low levels and news that BlackR...

First Digital Group launches USD-backed stablecoin in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-based trust company, First Digital Group, has declared that it will release a stablecoin that is tied to th...

BTC price drops, downside target now $23K

Bitcoin has weakened as observed during the weekly market close, with the price of BTC falling below $28,000

Bitcoin price lower on Binance Australia due to fiat ramp closure

Bitcoin is being sold at a significantly lower price on Binance Australia because the exchange can no longer facilita...