Deutsche Telekom is now a validator for Polygon.

Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications companies, is using its infrastructure to explore new revenue streams and boost network security by becoming a validator for blockchain protocols. The company is set to become a validator for Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform Polygon, which is an important layer 2 in the Ethereum ecosystem, offering developers a range of scaling solutions, including zero-knowledge rollups, sidechains and data availability protocols. Deutsche Telekom MMS, which provides consulting and software development services, will operate as a Polygon validator for its parent company. This is expected to secure Polygon’s proof-of-stake sidechain and Supernets chain, improving security, governance and decentralization of the protocols. Deutsche Telekom is also a validator for Q, Flow, Celo, Chainlink and Ethereum, and aims to serve institutional clients as a reliable enterprise-grade staking provider. The potential for more mainstream telecommunications companies moving into Web3 could also catalyze greater decentralization of various proof-of-stake blockchains operated by validators.

Polygon recently announced a multiyear partnership with Google Cloud to drive the development of the Ethereum scaling protocol’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, zero-knowledge proof scaling solution.