deBridge launches app for cross-chain trading without liquidity pools.

The deBridge cross-chain bridging service has launched DLN Trade, a cross-chain exchange that allows for fast and capital-efficient trading across multiple blockchains, according to developers. DLN Trade operates using a global liquidity engine that creates a decentralized order book, allowing any asset on one blockchain to be traded directly for any asset on another blockchain without the risks and limitations of liquidity pools. Liquidity pools are a collection of tokens locked on decentralized exchanges that are used to facilitate trading for those tokens in the open market. DLN Trade, however, uses peer-to-peer liquidity to execute trades, rather than relying on liquidity pools. According to the developers, “DLN Trade offers unprecedented speed, capital-efficiency, and control for users – all trades are protected from slippage, MEV, the possibility of reversion, and guaranteed rates with fees as low as 4bps.” Users can also set cross-chain limit orders and cancel them at any time before fulfillment. According to DLN Trade, their app allows users to trade across chains without exposure to wrapped assets or liquidity pools for the first time, which distinguishes it from other services on the market that rely on these instruments. The DLN Trade app is now available and supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB Chain, and Avalanche. Edited by Oliver Knight.