Crypto whales accumulating meme coin before exchange listing as PhoenixInu Token rises 10,000% – here’s why

Crypto whales accumulating meme coin before exchange listing as PhoenixInu Token rises 10,000% - here's why

The Blockchain Industry: A Rising Phoenix and Wall Street Memes

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In the world of digital assets, meme coins have taken center stage. These coins, often characterized by their vibrant communities and explosive price movements, have captivated the attention of traders and investors alike. One recent example of such frenzy is the PhoenixInu Token, which experienced a remarkable +10,000% surge in value. This surge was fueled by a significant influx of $469.24k in decentralized exchange (DEX) volume, demonstrating the power of community-driven trading.

Rising Like a Phoenix: PhoenixInu’s +10,000% Pump

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Similar to the mythical bird rising from the ashes, PhoenixInu witnessed an initial +4,700% surge in its opening hour. This monumental move triggered a frenzy of transactions, propelling the token’s value from $0.0002785 to an impressive $0.08 in just 21 hours. The seismic rise, driven by 1.45k transactions, undoubtedly resulted in substantial gains for daring DEX traders. However, as with any meteoric rise, the inevitable descent followed, leaving 266 holders at a loss.

Do All Meme Coins Dump?

While the fate of meme coins often seems to be a sudden drop in value, not all of them meet this unfortunate end. Some meme coins manage to endure impressive growth without succumbing to the dreaded rug pull. In the search for the next Dogecoin or Pepecoin, one particular contender has emerged as a frontrunner.

Wall Street Memes: Gaining Sensational Traction with Traders

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Wall Street Memes (WSM) is not just another meme coin. Born from the Wall Street Bets Movement and positioned as a top non-fungible token (NFT) project, WSM carries the promise of a complete transformation of the meme coin landscape. It not only tokenizes the movement but also aims to redefine power dynamics in the digital value market.

With a current price of $0.0316, the WSM presale has already amassed an impressive $15.4 million, rapidly approaching its target of $15.5 million before the next price increase. The speed at which tokens are being acquired indicates a substantial potential return for early investors. By the end of the presale, these investors could enjoy over 30% paper gains, with further price appreciation expected upon listing on major exchanges later this year.

Recognizing the significance of its community, Wall Street Memes has allocated 30% of the total token supply as community rewards. This, coupled with the strong traction of the Wall Street Memes community, suggests that WSM is likely to be listed on top-tier crypto exchanges such as Binance. Such a listing could trigger a bullish run for the token, presenting a remarkable investment opportunity.

$WSM Launch Strategy Will See Token Listed on Multiple Top CEX

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The Wall Street Memes project boasts a proven record of successful digital asset launches and a substantial and engaged community. As a result, the current presale price offers an enticing window for investors, especially considering the impending price increase. Joining the revolution today by purchasing WSM can make one part of the next big meme coin success story.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.