Crypto Exchange Listing/Delisting Announcements: July 17, 2023

Crypto Exchange Listing/Delisting Announcements: July 17, 2023

The Dynamic Landscape of the Blockchain Industry

Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, with new digital assets being listed and delisted on crypto exchanges. This weekly roundup provides insights into the latest trading pair-related announcements from various exchanges. Let’s explore some of the notable additions and removals from last week and today.

Binance: Expanding Trading Options

Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges, added several trading pairs to its platform last week. These include ARB/ETH, BCH/TRY, XVG/TRY, and XVG/TUSD. At the same time, they removed trading pairs like API3/BUSD, BLZ/BUSD, GHST/BUSD, NEXO/BUSD, STPT/BUSD, and WIN/BUSD. These additions and removals highlight Binance’s effort to offer a diverse range of trading options for its users.

Bitfinex and BitForex: Introducing New Listings

Bitfinex, a prominent exchange known for its advanced trading features, added Kava (KAVA) to its list of supported digital assets. This addition opens up new opportunities for traders interested in Kava’s ecosystem.

Meanwhile, BitForex introduced Hatchyverse (HATCHY) to its platform. This listing brings attention to the potential of emerging projects and their impact on the blockchain industry.

BitMart: A Plethora of Listings

BitMart made several listings last week, demonstrating its commitment to providing a wide array of options for traders. The newly added assets include MOE (MOE), Infiblue World (MONIE), Astar (ASTR), ecoterra (ECOTERRA), Miner Arena (MINAR), Helium (HNT), TypeIt (TYPE), Sabai Ecoverse (SABAI), WorldtateCoin(WC), Grumpy Cat Coin (GRUMPYCAT), (MOXY), Jesus Coin (JESUS), and Arkham (ARKM). This extensive list showcases the platform’s dedication to catering to different cryptocurrency communities.

Changelly and ChangeNOW: Expanding Token Offerings

Changelly and ChangeNOW, renowned cryptocurrency swap platforms, added new listings to their platforms. Changelly introduced Circle (USDCARB), Creditcoin (CTC), and (WMOXY) to its selection. On the other hand, ChangeNOW listed eCash (ECASH) and Vechain (VET). These additions highlight the industry’s constant growth and the increasing demand for a diverse range of tokens.

CoinEx and DigiFinex: Embracing New Tokens

CoinEx added Measurable Data Token (MDT) to its platform, enabling users to explore the potential of this data-focused cryptocurrency.

DigiFinex introduced NOVA (NOVA), Tether EURt (EURT), and Tether Gold (XAUT) to its list of supported tokens. These listings demonstrate the platform’s efforts to stay at the forefront of the blockchain industry by embracing new and innovative projects.

Huobi and KuCoin: Welcoming Promising Projects

Huobi listed Frax Finance (FXS) and stUSDT (WSTUSDT) on its platform. These listings provide users with access to promising projects within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

KuCoin added MetaMecha (MM) to its list of supported tokens, reflecting the platform’s focus on fostering innovative blockchain projects.

LBank and MEXC Global: A Multitude of Listings

LBank introduced several tokens to its platform, including Hood AI (HOOD), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), Nova (NOVA), Dede (DEDE), OmniXRC (OXRC), PEGO Network (PG), uShark Token (USHA), HOPPY (HOPPY), Maple (MPL), Faith Tribe (FTRB), and Snek (SNEK). These listings showcase LBank’s dedication to providing a wide range of token options for its users. Additionally, they removed several trading pairs to optimize their offerings.

MEXC Global expanded its token offerings with Swim Spread Wisdom (SWIM), Meta Merge Mama (MMM), OGzClub (OGZ), Eternal World (ETL), Homer (SIMPSON4), KAIF Platform (KAF), Layerium (LYUM), VirtuSwap (VRSW), Nova (NOVA), MicroVisionChain (SPACE), Trade Genius AI (AIGENIUS), Bitcoin 2.0 (BTC2), Squid Game 2.0 (SQUID2), Infiblue World (MONIE), Jared From Subway (JARED), Hood AI (HOOD), and P00LS (P00LS). This extensive list demonstrates MEXC Global’s commitment to providing a diverse range of token options to its users.

Poloniex and ProBit: Embracing Innovation

Poloniex listed Bitcoin 2.0 (BTC2), Jared From Subway (JARED), Dede (DEDE), (HNTAI), Wrapped Staked USDT (wstUSDT), HOPPY (HOPPY), and Osmosis (OSMO). These listings signify Poloniex’s focus on embracing innovative projects and technologies.

ProBit made adjustments to its offerings and removed the trading pair IDNA/USDT.

P2B Crypto Exchange and VinDax: Expanding Token Offerings

P2B Crypto Exchange introduced Bart (BART) to its list of supported tokens, providing its users with new opportunities for investment.

VinDax expanded its token offerings with ArtVibes (AVS), AIDOGE 2.0 (AIDOGE2), Insure Chain Network (ICNTOKEN), SHIBA INU (SHIB), ABCN COIN (ABCN), Infinite Hopiu (IHOP), GreenGold (GNG), FreeOneCoin (FOC), and Decentralized Green Energy (GE). These additions demonstrate VinDax’s commitment to fostering a diverse range of blockchain projects.

WazirX and XT: Strengthening Trading Pairs

WazirX, a leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange, added BAND/INR and COS/INR trading pairs to its platform. This expansion enhances trading opportunities for Indian users.

XT listed Queen of Universe (QUV), providing its users with access to a unique and promising blockchain project.

The constant addition and removal of digital assets on various exchanges reflect the dynamic nature of the blockchain industry. These developments not only offer traders exciting opportunities but also demonstrate the industry’s continuous growth and evolution. By staying updated with these listings and delistings, users can navigate the ever-changing landscape of the blockchain industry and make informed investment decisions.