Crypto exchange announcements for June 5, 2023 $LOVE, $SNEK, $WFAI listed and delisted.

This is a collection of announcements made by crypto exchanges regarding the listing and delisting of digital assets and trading pairs. The collection includes announcements from last week and today.

If we missed any announcements or you have information on new listings and/or delistings, please let us know here.


AscendEX Listings: WHEE (WHEE), VMPX (VMPX), The Qwan (QWAN), Waifu AI (WFAI), Loyalty Labs (LOYAL), Umi’s Friends (IMG), Spiral Tower (STS)

BitForex Listings: Love (LOVE), Catcoin (CATS), AiONE (AIONE), Loyalty Labs (LOYAL), Jesus (JESUS), HongKong Token (HK), Fair ERC20 (FERC)

BitMart Listings: SnailBrook (SNAIL), Refund Token (RFT), Lybra Finance (LBR), Vision City (VIZ), Zena (ZENA), Love Game (LOVE), Linear Finance (LINA), Hxacoin (HXA), iPS (iPS), Runy (RUNY), Dynex (DNX), Nihao (NIHAO), GMFAM (GMFAM), Pepeki (PEPEKI), Yuri AI (YURI), Papi (PAPI), The Wolf of Blockchain (TWOB)

Bitrue Listings: BankerCoinAda (BANK), Snek (SNEK). Delistings: GM Wagmi (GM), Wrapped Centrifuge (WCFG), Shih Tzu (SHIH), Marblex (MBX), Eight Hours (EHRT), Decoin (DTEP), Media (MEDIA), Tribe (TRIBE), Pawtocol (UPI), Zoo Token (ZOO), LIQ Protocol (LIQ), X World Games (XWG), HUGHUG (HGHG), Strips Finance (STRP), Avaxtars Token (AVXT), NVL Token (NVL), AIOZ Network (AIOZ), Akash Network (AKT), (ALEPH), Anchor Protocol (ANC), Angle Protocol (ANGLE), AquaGoat (AQUAGOAT), NetCoin (NET), (SFI), Space Kill King (SKK), Arcblock (ABT), Aurory (AURY), DDDX (DDDX), Art Gobblers Goo (GOO), Smoothy (SMTY), MonaCoin (MONA), VIMworld (VEED)

Changelly Listings: Cronos Chain (CRO)

CoinEx Listings: Cheems (CHEEMS), Snek (SNEK), Stride (STRD) Listings: Access Protocol (ACS), Canto Public (CANTO)

DigiFinex Listings: International Data Overloading Center (IDOC), Love (LOVE), Pia-InFlame (PIAT), Joseon Mun (JSM), Sotaprotocol (SOTA)

HitBTC Listings: Highstreet (HIGH)

LBank Listings: Love (LOVE), Waifu AI (WFAI), Smart Aliens (SAS), CHOW CHOW (CHOW), Astropup Coin (ASPC), Pick Or Rick (RICK), ADD FINANCE (ADD), HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN), FairERC20 (FERC), Funch (FUNCH), ELOMERC (ELMO). Removed Trading Pairs: BFLOKIC/USDT, FRWR/USDT, NVRN/USDT, ARMYP/USDT, STPL/USDT, CRDC/USDT, ALT/USDT

MEXC Global Listings: MuratiAI (MURATIAI), Doge Blue (DOGEBLUE), Hold (HOLD), Shaun Inu (SHAUN), Function X (FX), Soulsaver (SOUL), Magic Shiba Starter (MSHIB), ElvishMagic (EMAGIC), Perry (PERRY), Cogito Protocol (CGV), Relation (REL), Psycho (PSYCHO), Trump Inu (TRUMPINU), Caw CEO (CAWCEO), Global Digital Cluster Coin (GDCC), Kripto Koin (KRIPTO), BitBull (BITBULL), Spheroid Universe (SPH), The Nemesis (NEMS), Planet (PLANET), Bware (INFRA), Love (LOVE), MEMEVENGERS (MMVG), Cheelee (CHEEL), A3S Protocol (AA), Leandro Lopes (LOPES), Sonic Inu (SONIC), Qlindo (QLINDO), SINSO (SINSO), TabTrader Token (TTT), STYLE Protocol (STYLE), Libra Incentrix (LIXX), Snek (SNEK), The Qwan (QWAN), Gode Chain (GODE), Astra DAO (ASTRADAO)

The following is a list of recent listings and delistings on various cryptocurrency exchanges:

– Poloniex Listings: Waifu AI (WFAI), Jesus (JESUS), Statter (STT), Big Eyes (BIG), FUR BALL (FUR). Delistings: 1x Long Bitcoin Implied Volatility Token (BVOL), 3X Short XRP Token (XRPBEAR), 3x Long Litecoin Token (LTCBULL), 3x Short Cardano Token (ADABEAR), 3x Long Bitcoin SV Token (BSVBULL), 3x Short TRX Token (TRXBEAR), 3x Short Litecoin Token (LTCBEAR), 3x Short Ethereum Token (ETHBEAR), 3x Short Chainlink Token (LINKBEAR), 3x Short EOS Token (EOSBEAR), 3x Long EOS Token (EOSBULL).

– P2B Crypto Exchange Listings: BONK (BONK), Reality VR (RVR), DinoCoin (DINC).

– VinDax Listings: Pepe (PEPE), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Aave (AAVE), Cosmos (ATOM), Qortal Project (QORT), Elite Trade Coin (ETC1).

– WazirX Listings: Bob (BOB).

– XT Listings: NORDEK (NRK), GolCoin (GOLC).