Cosmos (ATOM/USD) outlook: bearish below $15.

Cosmos (ATOM/USD) outlook: bearish below $15.

The Bearish Situation of Cosmos: Erasing 2023 Gains and More

Many cryptocurrency investors were thrilled at the beginning of 2023 when Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies started rallying, leading to high hopes of a new bullish market. However, while some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, managed to hold onto their gains, smaller projects in the cryptocurrency market faced a different fate. One such example is Cosmos (ATOM/USD), which met resistance at the $15 area and subsequently lost more than 50% of its value, erasing all its 2023 gains and continuing to dive.

In 2021, Cosmos reached a high of $45. However, it failed to break through this level, forming a double top pattern that signaled a bearish reversal. This bearish pattern was the first sign that Cosmos was about to face a significant downturn. It also formed a reversal triangle, which commonly appears at the top of a bullish trend and suggests that a complex correction might be imminent. In line with this pattern, Cosmos experienced a break below $25 in the first half of 2022, which should not have taken investors by surprise.

The recent price action of Cosmos further reinforces the bearish outlook for the cryptocurrency. Despite multiple attempts, it has consistently failed to break through the $15 resistance level, indicating strong selling pressure. As long as Cosmos remains below this resistance level, the bearish bias persists. Only a daily close above $15 would shift the bias from bearish to bullish.

Cosmos Chart

Key Takeaways: – Cosmos (ATOM/USD) has erased all its 2023 gains and is currently in a bearish phase. – Historical patterns like the double top and reversal triangle suggested a potential downturn for Cosmos. – The failure to break through the $15 resistance level strengthens the bearish bias. – To shift the bias to a bullish one, Cosmos would need to close above $15 on the daily timeframe.

The story of Cosmos illustrates the challenges faced by smaller projects in the cryptocurrency market. While well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can weather market fluctuations and maintain their gains, others struggle to sustain their momentum. This situation is not uncommon in the ever-changing blockchain industry, where the fortunes of projects can vary greatly even within a short period.

One reason behind the market’s reaction to the smaller projects is their vulnerability to speculative trading. Investors excited about the potential of these projects may rush in during a bullish market sentiment, driving prices up. However, when the market sentiment turns bearish, these projects often experience sharper price corrections due to a lack of strong fundamentals or wide adoption. This is particularly true for relatively newer projects like Cosmos.

To understand Cosmos’ current state, it is essential to analyze its chart patterns and resistance levels. The historical performance of Cosmos shows a double top pattern, indicating the failure of the cryptocurrency to surpass the $45 mark. Such a pattern acts as a clear signal of a bearish reversal. Additionally, the formation of a reversal triangle further supports the notion of a complex correction in progress.

In the first half of 2022, Cosmos experienced a significant price drop below $25, which further confirmed the bearish bias. These events highlighted the underlying weak market sentiment for Cosmos and indicated a potential downtrend.

The recent price action of Cosmos has provided further evidence of its bearish outlook. Despite multiple attempts, Cosmos has been unable to break through the $15 resistance level, which serves as strong selling pressure. This failure to surpass the resistance level suggests a lack of buying interest and a persistent bearish bias for the cryptocurrency.

In summary, Cosmos has faced significant challenges in maintaining its upward momentum. The erasure of its 2023 gains, coupled with the failure to break through the $15 resistance level, puts Cosmos in a bearish position. To shift the bias from bearish to bullish, Cosmos would need to achieve a daily close above the $15 level. Until then, cautious investors may opt to closely monitor the price movements and overall market sentiment surrounding Cosmos before making any investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as financial advice. Cryptocurrency investments carry risks, and readers should do their own research and exercise caution before making investment decisions.