Community in Crypto Discussed at Consensus 2023.

Are users interested in the technical details of an app?

Cryptocurrencies are known for their ability to resist censorship and reach a global audience, making them appealing to those who are not just interested in speculation. However, simply having the technology is not enough. In order for it to truly benefit those who need it most, there needs to be infrastructure, products, and services that can turn this concept into a reality.

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“Grassroot adoption is all about making sure you target everyday people,” said Tricia Wang, co-founder of the Crypto Research and Design Labs (CRADL), during the interactive session entitled “Grassroots Innovation: Realizing Crypto’s Empowerment Promise for Social Inclusion” at Consensus 2023.

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Sometimes, crypto developers need to be “obsessively pragmatic,” meaning they need to be “culturally attuned” to solutions that may work for one group of users but not another, rather than just focusing on high-minded ideals.

What are the “winning design principles” that founders should focus on if they want to make a meaningful impact on users’ lives?

  • Should builders prioritize scaling their products as broadly as possible or helping users understand how the product works to the maximum possible extent?
  • Should crypto and blockchain integration be explicit or stay under the hood?
  • Should decentralization be immediate or take place over time?

Many factors go into these decisions…

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