Coinbase downgraded by Moody’s due to uncertain SEC charges.

The credit ratings agency Moody’s has downgraded Coinbase’s rating from “stable” to “negative”. This came after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) took legal action against the crypto exchange for allegedly operating as an unregistered securities broker. Moody’s expressed concerns about the impact of the SEC’s action on Coinbase’s day-to-day operations. The uncertain magnitude of the charges’ impact on Coinbase’s business model and cash flows led to the downgrade. Despite this, Moody’s noted that Coinbase maintains a “strong” liquidity position, with $5 billion in cash and equivalents compared to $3.4 billion in long-term debt. The rating agency expects Coinbase to maintain its focus on expense management to mitigate declines in transaction revenue. Other financial services firms like Berenberg Capital also adjusted their outlook on Coinbase, with some advising investors to hold off on pursuing any investment in Coinbase shares in the short term. ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood, however, remains optimistic and believes that the increasing regulatory scrutiny of competitor crypto exchange Binance is ultimately a good thing for Coinbase in the long run.