Coinbase custody wallet saw a 2.5K increase in Bitcoin holdings following BlackRock’s ETF filing.

The amount of bitcoin (BTC) held in a single Coinbase Custody wallet increased by 2,500 BTC shortly after BlackRock submitted an application for a bitcoin ETF, according to data from the CryptoQuant analytics tool.

Coinbase Custody is a service provided by the cryptocurrency exchange that enables institutional investors to securely store large amounts of tokens, such as bitcoin, in a wallet. If regulators approve the request, Coinbase Custody will act as the custodian for the bitcoin held on the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF.

A wallet tracked by CryptoQuant reveals that the bitcoin sent to the custodial wallet originated from Coinbase (COIN). Since a custodial wallet is distinct from the cold or hot wallets that Coinbase uses to store customers’ holdings, it is likely that a large player purchased the bitcoin on Coinbase and transferred the holdings to the custodian wallet, as transaction data indicates.

The data demonstrates that the wallet previously contained over 5,000 bitcoin that were deposited between May 19 and May 20.

CryptoQuant analyst Bradley Park stated in a Telegram message that BlackRock’s ETF filing may have boosted positive sentiment among bitcoin holders and investors, which may account for the transaction.

“The BlackRock effect has had a positive impact on market sentiment and even institutional bitcoin purchases,” Park said.

Since bitcoin prices increased by 20%, trading volumes on Coinbase have nearly doubled in the past week. According to CoinGecko data, over $2 billion worth of tokens were traded on the exchange in the last 24 hours, double the daily average of $1 billion since the beginning of June.

Trading pairs for bitcoin against the US dollar and tether (USDT) accounted for $900 million of these volumes, indicating a demand among traders as the asset surpassed the $30,000 mark on Thursday.

Edited by Sheldon Reback.