Co-founder says Solana’s blockchain could be the ‘Apple of Crypto’

The Solana (SOL) blockchain has the potential to become the equivalent of tech giant Apple in the crypto world due to its strong emphasis on user experience, according to Solana co-founder Raj Gokal.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Gokal compared Solana to Apple, stating that Solana has learned from the Mac and iPhone maker’s “unwavering focus on simple interaction.”

Gokal stated in the interview, “Solana has the potential to be the Apple of crypto,” citing the fact that Apple “worked for close to a decade on latency for touchscreens to allow for the iPhone to come out and it just felt like magic.”

The Solana co-founder went on to explain that the platform aims to create a blockchain-based network “that feels like the regular internet, when it’s an entirely new financial internet.”

In April, Solana introduced a new Android smartphone known as Saga, which was specifically designed for blockchain applications, as part of its efforts to create a user-centric and seamless experience for web3. The phone comes with the Solana decentralized app (dApp) Store built in and features a self-custody solution called Seed Vault that protects keys through biometric authentication and encryption.

Notably, the launch of the phone brought new attention to the Solana network’s native SOL token, which has remained in positive territory since April 1st, outperforming other major coins like Bitcoin (BTC), which has traded down by about 2% over the same period.

The new round of attention for the Solana project could potentially be positive for the token, which some have predicted could move towards highs of $39 to $48 in the medium term.