Cheds relied on crypto in his difficult times

The technical analyst Cheds always dreamed of being a trader since he was a child, but his journey to achieving this dream was not straightforward. In an episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories, Cheds shared his story. Despite his childhood dream of trading stocks, he studied psychology in college and worked his way up to upper management in sales and marketing. However, he never gave up on his desire to trade and kept an eye on stocks. He then started trading penny stocks and marijuana stocks, but suffered massive losses due to basing his trading decisions on news that was not reliable. He eventually accepted his situation and realized that he needed to become a well-rounded trader and improve his technical analysis skills. This led to the creation of his social media account and blog about technical analysis.

After a few years, he was finally able to earn enough to quit his day job and become a trader. He discovered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin through a friend and rapidly grew his social media by sharing charts and analysis. However, he faced a new challenge when he was diagnosed with cancer. Despite this, he embraced his new identity as a crypto trader and focused on becoming a top-notch technical analyst.