Chancer presale 35% sold out as prediction market tokens turn green.

  • The Chancer presale has raised $357,330.51 since launch.
  • The presale seeks to raise $15 million in twelve stages.
  • The price of the CHANCER token is expected to gradually rise through the twelve stages to $0.021.

Top prediction markets tokens including TotemFi (TOTM), Gnosis (GNO), Augur (REP), Polkamarkets (POLK), PlotX (PLOT), and OptionRoom (ROOM) have been trending in the last week. Polkamarkets (POLK) has gained the most at 9.56% in the last seven days, followed by Gnosis (GNO) and PlotX (PLOT) that has gained 9.25% and 6.77% respectively.

While the prediction markets tokens are responding to the current bullish crypto market sentiment, a new predictions market token entrant, CHANCER, is making waves since its presale launch. CHANCER’s parent platform is the world’s first decentralized predictive market-making platform that is leveraging blockchain to decentralize betting.

The decentralized prediction marker maker trailblazer

The new betting platform, Chancer, aims to firmly place bettors in control of the betting markets. By allowing users to design their own betting markets, choose their own odds, and set their own rules, it has completely changed the betting industry.

The designers of Chancer, Adam and Paul Kelbie, are confident that the betting platform will fundamentally change the way people wager and unquestionably bring gambling back to life.

Chancer positions itself as a betting facilitator rather than a betting establishment by allowing betters to create peer-to-peer (P2P) bets. The types of bets that can be made by gamblers range from small, informal wagers among close friends to massive, viral bets involving thousands of gamblers, like picking the winner of the Best Director Oscar or forecasting the Champions League final score.

Additionally, Chancer accepts wagers on any prediction or event, not just sports, in contrast to the majority of bookmakers. Users of Chancer have total control over their wagers due to its decentralized nature.

The native token of Chancer, “CHANCER,” which is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token currently in the presale phase, is used for all bet payouts.

As a great incentive for different types of investors, Chancer’s well-planned roadmap outlines a variety of product use cases for the CHANCER token after the presale.

Chancer’s main goal is to achieve and maintain true decentralization. No one party can take over the network thanks to true decentralization. Users will be able to control decision-making in the platform’s development and operation under quadratic governance thanks to the platform’s proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Investors confident in Chancer

Investors are optimistic about the CHANCER token’s value in addition to the betting platform’s potential for greatness due to its novel approach to betting that uses blockchain to democratize market setting and management.

CHNACER is being sold for $0.01 in the first stage of the current presale. However, interested parties can only buy their CHANCER tokens with BNB or BUSD tokens.

The Chancer presale timelines state that the price of CHNACER is anticipated to keep increasing with each stage of the presale, reaching $0.021 in the final stage, stage 12 which according to the roadmap is expected to be concluded in Q2, 2023.