BTC Prague 2023 Bitcoin ecosystem open to all value producers.

Over the past few years, the world of cryptocurrency has experienced both innovation and growth as well as scrutiny and volatility.

A key factor in the industry’s resilience has been the community that supports the technology and recognizes its potential to transform digital finance. One of the most prominent crypto communities is centered around Bitcoin (BTC), with millions of users participating in Reddit groups and conferences around the world.

At the Bitcoin Prague 2023 conference, Students for Liberty CEO Wolf Von Laer spoke with Cointelegraph about the nature of the Bitcoin community and how it welcomes anyone.

Von Laer acknowledges that the Bitcoin community may not always be welcoming, as individuals at events can come across as too technical or hardcore.

“I’ve seen people walk away and say, oh, this doesn’t seem like my tribe.”

“We need to be more self-reflective and mature,” he said. “If somebody wants to create a community, we need to be careful and ask do we know people that know Bitcoin? Can they explain Bitcoin well?”

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Von Laer emphasizes that everyone has the ability to contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem, and that the openness of the network allows for people to easily join.

“It’s a marvelous thing to realize how everyone actually can produce value within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Anyone can make a contribution.”

Others within the broader crypto industry have also stressed the importance of community support, particularly during periods of uncertainty or volatility.

Recently, the new Vice President of Marketing at Binance spoke with Cointelegraph, emphasizing the need for crypto to double down on community support.

During the fifth anniversary celebration of the EOS network, the team highlighted the importance of its community in light of recent challenges.

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