Bitcoin verification needed due to Trump’s election result denials.

This is an opinion piece by Dan Weintraub, who is an author and high school teacher. He first became interested in Bitcoin while teaching economics.

Recently, I watched CNN’s Donald Trump town hall with little interest. It was just another in a long list of political spectacles that seem to go nowhere.

I don’t care much about party politics, the upcoming presidential election, or the political expressions of liberals and conservatives. What I do care about is how easily people can be manipulated and how susceptible we are to lies.

We are all sheep, blindly following and easily programmable. History may not repeat itself, but it certainly feels like déjà vu when we see humans following leaders off proverbial cliffs. And, often, the only reason we follow these leaders is because they are skilled at lying.

But don’t worry, this article is not about Trump or ideological disillusionment. Trump is just one man in a long history of human drama. This piece is about the role Bitcoin can play in restoring belief and ending human complacency. It’s about disempowering those who spread lies and a warning that those in power will do anything to maintain their control over humanity.

Why Governments Fear Bitcoin

So, why are governments so afraid of Bitcoin? It’s not just because Bitcoin has the potential to end governments’ monopoly on money. The underlying reason is that governments can only govern through deceit and dishonesty.

The most powerful and successful governments throughout history have been the ones that are the most skilled at lying. The United States government, for example, has a history of using lies to achieve its goals. From the Vietnam War to the Iraq War, U.S. history is full of examples of how powerful lies can be and how easily they can manipulate people.

Bitcoin Outs The Lies

Let’s go back to Trump for a moment. In 2016, Trump claimed that the election was rigged. He used his skills as a purveyor of disinformation to make tens of millions of Americans believe that the election was stolen from him. The point is not whether his claims were accurate or not. The point is that without the ability to verify his claims, we are all potential prey to lies and deceit.

This is where Bitcoin comes in. Bitcoin has the potential to end governments’ control over money and to provide a transparent and trustworthy system. It can help to disempower those who spread lies and to restore trust in our political process.

Bitcoin And Neuroplasticity

In simple terms, if you hear something enough times, you will begin to believe it is true. This concept applies to everything from religion to politics, and even to the value of Bitcoin. People are easily influenced because our brains are wired that way. We tend to believe the narratives we hear repeatedly without questioning them.

However, Bitcoin offers a solution to this problem. It has the potential to create a network that can verify every transaction, news story, and claim by the government, thereby making it difficult for those in power to lie and manipulate people’s beliefs. For instance, imagine a system that uses blockchain technology to ensure every vote is accurately recorded and can’t be tampered with. This would make it difficult for politicians to claim voter fraud without any evidence.

Despite its potential to create a more truthful society, Bitcoin is currently feared more for its ability to circumvent monetary control than its inherent truthful nature. The US government fears the possibility of the dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, and therefore, they will do everything in their power to undermine the legitimacy and accessibility of anything that furthers that possibility.

However, as the Bitcoin network becomes more capable of verifying all forms of data, governments and centralized power brokers will do everything in their power to destroy it because without the ability to lie and manipulate people’s beliefs, their power will diminish.

The Trumps Of The World Must Be Held To Account

This is not a political statement, but rather an observation that politicians on both sides of the aisle are prone to lying and spreading disinformation. Without objective verification of the truth, people will continue to believe the lies that benefit those in power. Therefore, it is important to hold politicians accountable for their words and actions.

I understand that many of you who are reading this may consider my thoughts on the evolution of the Bitcoin network as unrealistic. However, I want to ask you: Hasn’t every advancement in human history been perceived as unrealistic at first? Bitcoin is just in its early stages. Once our leaders realize that in the near future, the Bitcoin network and protocol could transform into a global and unbreakable lie detector, they will do everything in their power to eliminate it. This is because their power is only as strong as the credibility of the lies they propagate.

This is a guest post by Dan Weintraub. The opinions expressed are completely his own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc. or Bitcoin Magazine.