Bitcoin reacts calmly to Binance accusations.

“What’s going on with the crypto industry in June? I had planned to write about valuations, prices, and technical support levels, but my focus shifted when news broke that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was suing Binance and its CEO for alleged securities violations. The dispute seems to be between regulators and cryptocurrencies in general. On one side are politicians, on the other side are crypto entities, and decentralized assets are caught in the middle. The SEC’s allegations include offering unregistered securities, running an unregistered exchange, and commingling customer funds. Binance denies these allegations and claims that all user assets on its platform are safe and secure. However, the SEC seems to care about the word ‘separate’ and will likely jump at the opportunity to throw a punch at Binance. Senator Elizabeth Warren also made statements about crypto ‘helping fund’ the fentanyl trade, signaling the reintroduction of a Digital Asset Money Laundering legislation. Meanwhile, the month of June is emerging as the worst month of the year for crypto investors. Daily average returns for June ranked sixth among all months between 2014-2020, but its returns from 2021-2023 rank last. The market response to the SEC’s action versus Binance was notable, with prices declining 5.4% on higher than average volume.”This HTML is an article discussing the recent decline in cryptocurrency prices following the SEC’s case against Binance. The article argues that while the assets themselves have taken a hit, they have weathered the impact better than the centralized entities being targeted. The author contends that most issues in crypto stem from the actors involved, rather than the assets themselves, and that digital assets remain a way to transfer capital without the need for a trusted third party. The article includes several takeaways, including a proposed overhaul of crypto regulation in the US, the SEC’s anti-crypto stance, speculation about the DOJ’s potential actions against Binance, and a bet made between two significant figures in crypto about the usage of decentralized applications. The article was edited by Nick Baker.