Atomic Wallet compromised, $35M drained from users.

The digital asset storage service Atomic Wallet was hacked over the weekend, leading to the theft of millions of dollars from multiple user accounts. The company reported that less than 1% of its monthly active users were affected, but independent researchers estimated that over $35 million had been stolen as of Monday. The stolen assets included Bitcoin, ETH, Tron, BSC, ADA, XRP, Polkadot, Cosmos, Algo, Avax, XLM, LTC, and Doge. Atomic Wallet is currently investigating the attack and has involved major exchanges to block the attackers’ addresses. However, the attack represents a significant setback for the crypto market, which had recently recovered from the FTX and Alameda Research implosion. The crypto industry is also grappling with security issues in hardware wallets that could lead to the loss of users’ funds. Atomic Wallet, which has been in the industry for years and is developed by blockchain veteran Konstantin Gladych, has a history of security issues. The company uses the AWC token for the governance of its ecosystem and pays up to 20% in APR on its AWC token, which has significantly dropped in value following the attack.