Apple presented new products at WWDC.

Apple Inc, a large multinational technology company listed on NASDAQ, has revealed a range of new products in order to strengthen its position as one of the most innovative consumer device manufacturers in the tech industry. The company did not disappoint its customers with the products it unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which included its most intriguing product, the Vision Pro Augmented Reality (AR) headset.

The company also introduced the 15-inch Macbook Air which will be priced at $1,299. This high-performance computer is only 11.5 mm thick and weighs a little over 3 pounds. One major improvement in designing the new Macbook Air laptop was the integration of Apple’s M2 Chipset. The laptop comes with a standard headphone jack, two USB-C ports, and Apple’s MagSafe charging dock.

According to Apple, the laptop will be available in four colors including Midnight and Starlight and customers who order now can receive theirs by next week.

One major theme for this year’s WWDC was the attention to detail displayed by the Tim Cook-led company in improving all of its products and services. The company also introduced a new WatchOS 10, the most advanced software for the Apple Watch to date, which comes with widgets.

With the new WatchOS 10, users can turn the digital crown to reveal widgets, like the weather and calendar. New widgets can also be added by long-pressing the digital crown. New watch faces have been added and new activities like cycling and hiking have also been integrated into the WatchOS 10 for more complete tracking.

It was not surprising that Apple also introduced a new software update for iPhones, named iOS 17. This software comes with a handful of intriguing features including the conversion of Live photos into animated stickers.

Apple Products, Beating the Standard

Apple has always been known as a company that places a high premium on the quality of its products and services. This year’s product unveiling at the WWDC is proof that the company is committed to continuing to exceed expectations.

The highlight of the event was the Vision Pro headset, the first product that was built from the ground up in the Tim Cook era. As described, the Vision Pro headset is the only Apple product that you look through and it will start at $3,499 when it starts selling next year.

The Vision Pro is a clear indication of Apple’s interest in the metaverse as the Augmented Reality technology powering the device will enable its users to connect with both their physical environment and the digital world. While it was the most impressive product showcased, it was not the most expensive as the Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chipset takes that position, starting at $6,999.

Other products revealed include FaceTime for AppleTV and the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra, among others.