Apple acquires AR startup Mira after launching Vision Pro.

Apple has confirmed the acquisition of Mira, a startup that specializes in augmented reality headsets for industrial applications. Mira’s headsets are smartphone-powered and hands-free, with current uses in chemical, steel and food manufacturing, mining services, defense, and building AR headsets for Universal Studios in Nintendo World theme parks. The acquisition was reported by The Verge after Mira CEO Ben Taft shared a private Instagram post about it. Apple has not disclosed the amount paid for the acquisition.

Apple recently launched its own virtual reality product line called Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to hit the market in early 2024 at a price of $3,499. Although the company did not use the words “metaverse” or “virtual reality” during the launch, tech entrepreneurs see the potential for the device to expedite the adoption of the sub-crypto ecosystem.

Meanwhile, government agencies and major Chinese cities, including Nanjing and Shanghai, have started experimenting with the metaverse and launched initiatives to cash in annual revenue of up to $49.6 billion by 2025.

The acquisition of Mira comes as Apple continues to expand its presence in the virtual and augmented reality market.