AnchorWatch raises $3 million in seed round led by Ten31.

AnchorWatch raises $3 million in seed round led by Ten31.

The Rising Tide of Blockchain in the Insurance Industry

The blockchain industry continues to make waves, with new developments and investments propelling it forward. One recent example is AnchorWatch, a US-based provider of bespoke insurance products for commercial entities that hold Bitcoin. AnchorWatch recently closed a $3 million seed round led by investment firm Ten31, signaling a growing interest in blockchain-based insurance solutions.

The Promise of AnchorWatch

AnchorWatch’s flagship offering is Trident Vault, a protocol-native custody solution designed specifically for Bitcoin owners. The platform aims to provide a secure and regulated environment for commercial institutions to hold Bitcoin, backed by regulated insurance policies. This combination of technological infrastructure and financial credibility is crucial for establishing Bitcoin as a practicable institutional asset.

Bridging the Regulatory and Capital Requirements

With the newly secured funding, AnchorWatch plans to complete all regulatory and capital requirements necessary to bring Trident Vault to the market. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to building a robust ecosystem that caters to the needs of commercial entities. By addressing both the technical and financial aspects, AnchorWatch aims to unlock Bitcoin’s potential as programmable money.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

As part of its product development, AnchorWatch intends to allow credentialed firms to conduct security audits of Trident Vault. This step ensures that the platform is enterprise-ready and can effectively safeguard Bitcoin holdings. Key features of the BTC vault include layered security measures and regulated property insurance. Additionally, compliance and on-chain governance are upheld through features like holder seniority and time-locked spending.

The Ripple Effect of Ten31’s Investment

Ten31’s lead investment in AnchorWatch is indicative of the broader trend within the blockchain industry. With their mission to establish Bitcoin as an institutional asset, Ten31 recognizes the value and potential of blockchain-based insurance solutions. This investment not only provides AnchorWatch with the necessary capital to advance its offerings but also validates the viability of blockchain technology in the insurance sector.

The Future of Blockchain in Insurance

The insurance industry is traditionally known for its rigidity and complexity. However, the advent of blockchain technology has the potential to streamline processes, increase transparency, and reduce fraud within the sector. Blockchain-based solutions like Trident Vault offer a secure and immutable way to manage digital assets, providing a much-needed bridge between the traditional financial system and the world of cryptocurrencies.


AnchorWatch’s successful funding round, led by Ten31, highlights the growing interest in blockchain-based insurance products. With the capital injection, AnchorWatch aims to navigate the regulatory landscape and bring Trident Vault to market. As the insurance industry embraces blockchain technology, we can expect to see greater efficiency, transparency, and security in managing digital assets. The tide is turning, and blockchain is set to revolutionize the insurance industry as we know it.