AltSignal’s AI-based trading praised by JPMorgan’s survey, presale raises $1 million.

  • The presale for AltSignals’ AI trading signal service has sold over $1 million worth of tokens, creating excitement among investors.

  • A JPMorgan survey suggests that traders are increasingly interested in AI-based trading.

  • The $ASI token is a good investment opportunity in the presale, as it is likely to increase in value with exchange listings.

AltSignals (ASI) has been extremely successful in its presale, with investors clamoring to purchase tokens in order to gain access to its AI-powered trading signal service platform. With almost 93% of tokens sold, the AltSignals team has raised over $1 million to realize their vision of a trading platform powered by artificial intelligence. For new investors, this could be an excellent opportunity to join AltSignal’s trading signal service, which has amassed over 52,000 members on Telegram since its founding in the UK in 2017.

Why is there so much interest in AltSignals?

AltSignals has been an enormously successful trading signal service, with thousands of traders using the service and signals averaging an accuracy rate of 64%. The experienced team and AltAlgo™ software used to generate the signals are credited with much of the service’s success. Overall, AltSignals has generated over $2.2 million in trading revenues. Analysts believe that AltSignals could benefit greatly from artificial intelligence given the growth and demand for its service.

The $ASI presale heralds a new era of AI trading signal generation for AltSignals. The company will launch an AI trading signal service platform called ActualizeAI. The blockchain-based platform will be powered by $ASI and is expected to improve the quality of signals generated by AltSignals. The service incorporates predictive modeling, machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. The success of the presale underlines investors’ belief that AI will be central to the growth of an already successful trading signal service.

JPMorgan Survey: AI Trading to Dominate Trading in 3 Years

A new survey by JPMorgan, which included 835 professional and institutional traders, found that traders are betting on AI to dominate the future of financial markets trading. The survey cites increased automation and AI adoption in trading.

The survey shows that AI has grown in popularity since the release of ChatGPT, with investors curious about AI’s potential in business. Strategists predict that the technology will dominate trading in the next three years, placing proprietary platforms like AltSignals and its AI platform ActualizeAI in a strong position for growth.

ActualizeAI Offers More Than Just Trading Signals

ActualizeAI’s benefits extend beyond trading signals. Investors can earn in a variety of ways, including participating in trading competitions and receiving rewards in $ASI. This could also be an opportunity for traders to hone their trading skills.

$ASI holders also have access to the AI Members Club, where they can earn more tokens by contributing ideas and providing feedback on ActualizeAI projects. There are also exclusive presale opportunities available to traders in the future.

Traders can even vote on issues affecting ActualizeAI using their tokens, making AltSignals a community-led platform that gives its members a voice over issues that affect them.

Should You Invest in $ASI during the Presale?

Investors can invest at any stage of newly launched tokens, including when they are listed on exchanges. The decision to invest in a particular instrument depends on the value an investor sees in it. However, there are advantages to buying tokens during the presale.

The first advantage is gaining early access to the platform before others. For AltSignals, investors buying the token during the presale will have access to ActualizeAI early on, which means they will have exclusive access to other presales and market opportunities.

The second advantage is buying a token at a low price. Tokens on presale have restricted demand since they are not yet available on exchanges. This means that the price is still low, and buying at this point offers an opportunity to generate value from future price increases. The tokens have even seen their value increase up to ten times the presale price. With stage 1 of the $ASI presale drawing to a close, it could be the right time to invest before the price skyrockets.