10 crypto experts share advice for traders using trading bots

10 crypto experts share advice for traders using trading bots

The Advantages and Limitations of Trading Bots in the Blockchain Industry


The blockchain industry is a fast-paced and highly volatile market, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. As a result, many traders are increasingly turning to trading bots to help them navigate this landscape more effectively. These bots are automated tools that can monitor the market 24/7, analyze data, and execute trades based on pre-set instructions. They offer several advantages, such as round-the-clock monitoring, precise execution, and the ability to react quickly. However, it is important for traders to be aware of the limitations associated with these bots in order to make informed decisions. In this article, we will explore the advice provided by members of the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, as well as offer additional insights into the effective use of trading bots in the blockchain industry.

Advantages of Trading Bots

Trading bots offer numerous advantages to cryptocurrency traders. One of the key benefits is their ability to operate 24/7 without the need for sleep or rest. Unlike human traders, bots do not suffer from fatigue, impulse, or emotion, allowing them to make rational decisions and execute trades at lightning speed. Additionally, trading bots can process and analyze vast amounts of inbound data in real-time, enabling them to identify trading opportunities that may be missed by human traders. These bots can react to market changes in a fraction of a second, ensuring that trades are executed at the optimal time.

Limitations of Trading Bots

While trading bots can be valuable tools for crypto traders, it is essential to understand their limitations. Trading bots are based on programmed rules and algorithms, which means they lack the ability to adapt to unexpected market changes. They are bound by preset instructions and cannot exercise human intuition. As a result, their performance can suffer during unpredictable events or volatile market conditions. It is important for traders to remember that trading bots are not foolproof, and they should not solely rely on them for decision-making. Regular monitoring and periodic manual intervention are necessary to ensure optimal performance and risk management.

Expert Advice for Effective Use of Trading Bots

Now that we have discussed the advantages and limitations of trading bots, let’s dive into the expert advice provided by members of the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle:

1. Maintain constant touch points

When using trading bots, it is crucial to maintain constant touch points to ensure that they are carrying out actions as specified. Traders must be aware that trading bots are limited by their programming and should tailor their expectations accordingly. Putting finances on autopilot without adequate oversight and intervention can lead to regrettable outcomes.

2. Utilize a trusted exchange

Traders should choose a trusted exchange with reliable developers when utilizing trading bots. Since trades are executed based on code, it is essential to use an exchange that aligns with one’s risk tolerance. Performing thorough research and understanding the risks associated with trading, with or without a bot, are essential steps in safeguarding investments.

3. Be wary of bots that rely solely on historical data

Traders should exercise caution when using bots that rely solely on historical data. Unexpected events, such as regulatory changes or technological advancements, can significantly impact the market. Bots may miss these changes if they do not have a broader understanding of the market. It is crucial for traders to stay informed and adapt to these changes accordingly.

4. Understand when your human intuition may be needed

Trading bots are not infallible and can be subject to technical issues, software bugs, and sudden market changes. The lack of human intuition can be a limiting factor in their performance. Certain events or circumstances may arise where human intervention and intuition are necessary to minimize losses and effectively manage risks.

5. Be cognizant of all the variables that can occur in a trade

Traders must remain mindful of various situations that can occur during a trade, such as false breakouts. Many trading indicators are not exact, and a poorly programmed bot can be misled. Constant monitoring, even while using bots, is crucial to ensure that trades are executed correctly and in accordance with the intended strategy.

6. Research the impact AI is having

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the trading bot landscape, allowing bots to incorporate a “human element.” However, programming issues may still persist. It is important for traders to stay informed about the impact of AI on trading bots and understand the potential limitations and risks that may arise.

7. Get familiar with how bots analyze information

Most trading bots rely on Wyckoff chart analysis techniques for technical analysis. While these techniques are excellent, they may overlook fundamental events that have not been factored into the price. Traders should remain vigilant and stay updated on market conditions and events to ensure they are making informed trading decisions.

8. Don’t miss swing-trading opportunities

While trading bots excel at eliminating emotions from trading, they may lack decision-making skills and reactivity. Human traders can take advantage of sudden market swings by adjusting their strategies in real-time. Traders should set alarms and actively monitor the market to seize swing-trading opportunities that bots may miss.

9. Remember the importance of mood in the crypto market

One less-obvious drawback of trading bots is their inability to predict human sentiment or market changes. They cannot sense the market’s mood, which is vital in emotionally driven crypto markets. Bots may fail to consider market sentiment from social media, news events, and regulatory developments, which can significantly impact cryptocurrency pricing. Traders should remain aware of these factors to make informed decisions.


Trading bots serve as valuable tools for crypto traders in the blockchain industry. They offer numerous advantages, including round-the-clock monitoring, efficient execution, and quick reactions to market changes. However, it is crucial for traders to be aware of their limitations and not solely rely on them for decision-making. By maintaining constant touch points, utilizing trusted exchanges, and staying informed about market conditions, traders can leverage trading bots effectively and mitigate risks associated with their use. Overall, trading bots, when combined with human intuition and active monitoring, can empower traders to navigate the blockchain industry more efficiently and profitably.